Is expert
consulting on your online
customer acquisition

Driven by curiosity. Passionate about building powerful brand narratives

try best product marketing consulting that adopted the Goldilocks principle. Not obvious, not overkilling, not abstruse——just right
team members: Digital strategists, product managers and content creators
years av contract lifetime
av. revenue growth after implementing
your new strategy

Brand positioning
and messaging

–buyer personas
—unique selling proposition
————brand positioning and personality
——Key messages and value propositions

Boosting your marketing
funnel conversion rates

——digital marketing audit
————landing page or website ux audit
—customer decision-making research (in-depth interviews, crm statistics, customer journey map)
——sales enablement materials

Product launch
advising and maintenance

——inbound strategy
—————marketing contractors recruitment

Marina I. Marketing Manager, Bloombees
——Many thanks for consulting our Spanish company on digital marketing strategy. Goldilocks digital is a highly professional team, able to be flexible, dig deep and justify every thought.
Tim T., CBDO LineUp
——Definitely talented in explaining tricky things in simple terms and really helpful with finding best strategic solutions.
Mary F, Marketing director
——Collaborating results were awesome. We needed to develop a new USP to get our IT conferences go online during the pandemic.
projects implemented
Our clients come from various industries, but we particularly enjoy working with saas and tech
Selected Cases

tech Events professionals Group

consulting on digitalisation and customer online-acquisition for the series of offline mass events (>3000 guests each)
case details is a large mass events provider for developers from all across europe. the company needed help with going digital due to covid quarantine – but at the same time they wanted to find the way to differ advantageously from dozens of other online events.

our team conducted an in-depth analysis, focusing on understanding customer's decision-making process:
——twenty In-depth interviews on two languages (english, russian) to Build target audience Personas;
——Competitor online marketing and communication strategy analysis.

————customer journey map;
————UNIQUE Sales Proposition;
————conversion rate growth.

apartment renovation tech-company Flatium

building the UNIQUE Selling Proposition 
case details
flatium needed to rethink its usp and create new product features to boost the startup growth.

our team conducted fifteen customer development interviews with current and prospective clients to Build two key customers' Personas and made a research on competitors offers, ups's and online reputation.

————new DIGITAL Marketing contractors recruitment.

real estate ASSET management company – Becar Group

case details
Becar Asset Management is a part of NAI Global, the world largest Commercial real estate managed network. the company needed to keep up with the innovations introduced by their competitors and DIGITALISe ITS B2B SALES FUNNEL to stop losing customers.

We made a truly holistic research:
——20 In-depth interviews on executive level to Build target audience Personas and understand the customer's
Decision-Making Process;
Competitor online marketing and communication strategy analysis;
——Website User experience audit.

————Online Sales funnel model;
————Unique Selling Proposition;
————WEbSITE DEVELOPERS recruitment.

Saint-Tokyo clothing brand

turning word-of-mouth's social capital into online leads
case details
saint-tokyo needed help with shaping its online sales strategY. we dUG deep into the bridge luxury market and analysed brand's current sales funnel and assets to develop the inexpensive and fast solution.

——pivoting social media content strategy
——launching regular email marketing
——SEarch engine optimisation for